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Thinking About Epoxy Coating?

Reasons to choose Epoxy Floors Texas

Since 2008, Epoxy Floors Texas has installed thousands of epoxy coating square footage. Our efforts have caused us to become the largest epoxy floor residential installer in Texas. We are homeowners, as such, we understand that choosing the right installer for the job can be a daunting task.

Homes are the culmination of determination and hard work for most people. They are a source of pride shared with family and a sanctuary of sorts. Great consideration should go into the choice of a company to work in such a precious asset.

Choose a Company with Experience

Lavina Grinder Epoxy Equipment

The important thing about the thousands of square footage of epoxy coating we have installed is the satisfaction of customers we served. We are masters of our trade. Epoxy flooring is our only service. Epoxy Floors of Texas has proven that being experts in our field, we can deliver quality work for an exceptional price over and over again.

The Quality of Our Work

Though we serve residential clients, the products we use are all commercial grade. Our work begins by preparing the floor for the epoxy coating. Acid wash is a suggested DIY method for floor preparation. Our experience has taught us that acid washing will not adequately prepare a concrete surface for adhesion.

Creating a strong and stable surface demands a surface be properly prepared. We use diamond grinding to accomplish reaching the substrate of a concrete floor. Commercial grade epoxy is used to customize the floor to our customers’ specifications.

The commercial epoxy delivers a strong, vibrant colored floor. Commercial grade polyurethane is added as a top coat to ensure greater luster and strength. We disagree with those of the opinion that using a commercial grade product for residential application is overkill.

Our products are designed to withstand rigorous commercial use that makes for epoxy flooring that performs flawlessly and looks great for homeowners. They can be proud of the finished project.

Epoxy Flooring is a Great Value

Not only do we deliver a superior floor, but we are also able to provide it at a price our customers find cost-effective. Be on guard about estimates from a contractor that presents a competitive bid without having a proven work history.

Ask for references. Sadly, we have had to clean up the mess caused by companies who submitted cheaper bids. We have to charge for the service and install a floor for our original bid. Customer reviews have gained an A-rating for us on Angie’s list. We encourage customers to read those reviews.

Our Warranty
The product warranty we extend to our clients gives them peace of mind. Our customer satisfaction rate exceeds 99 percent. Claims against the warranty are very rare. Rest assured, we will be there to service customer needs if ever an issue arises.